Hello, welcome to my coin-op page.

My name is Shawn Flock and I am a collector of coin operated machines. I collect mostly gumball and peanut vending machines but am interested in all kinds of coin-op. I try to collect machines with all original parts and finishes. I am very interested in preserving these wonderful machines and their great history. I very seldom repaint, replate, or recast parts for these machines; I believe that part of the appeal is their originality and individuality.

I hope you enjoy browsing my collection. My collection changes frequently and I am always buying and selling. I am always looking for machines or parts so please e-mail me if you have something that you think I may be interested in.

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If you are interested in coin operated machines of any kind please check out our international organization called C.O.C.A (Coin-Op Collectors Association). www.coinopclub.org

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