Famous Leebold (one gumball for a penny)

R. D. Simpson Co. 1923

This is one version of the Simpson "Famous Leebold". This machine came with several different mechanisms. The base, top and globe are exactly the same but the internal mechanism was different. It came in a 1-2-3, 1 gumball for a penny, 2 gumballs for a penny, and a penny/nickel model. The 1-2-3 and the Penny/nickel are by far the more common. I like the style and size of this machine but as a useable vendor it lacks a little. The mechanism is a little fussy at times and needs to be adjusted well to be reliable. This model came in cast iron with nickel plating like many Simpsons did.

This particular version is very uncommon; it vends one large gumball for a penny. This is the only one I have seen. The decal is one of my favorites. You can see a couple nicer examples on other machines in my collection.

This one is 100% original with an original decal.