Northwestern 33 Gum Blue

Northwestern Corp. 1933

I believe the Northwestern 33 gum is the most attractive of all Northwesterns. It is a small machine whose lines really flow well. They were available with a small or large globe of which I think the small is much more pleasing to the eye. They came in several different colors of porcelain, of which blue is not rare but is hard to find. The base color and lid color could be mixed and matched to suit and are often found with different color combinations.

There is no great story about this one, it was simply an Ebay purchase. I had been looking for a blue one for a long time. I had passed on a few because I was waiting for just the right example. This one is just about as perfect as they come. I think blue is one of the nicest looking colors on the 33 gum.

More soon to come.

This is 100% original right down to the almost perfect porcelain and great decal.