Northwestern 39 Green

Northwestern Corp. 1939

The Northwestern 39 is a bulk vendor that only came in porcelain. It came with a small or large globe. The style is similar to the 33 gum but it is bigger and the top plate of the mechanism is porcelain unlike the 33 gum. The mechanism is a little more difficult to work on than the 33 gum but when working it is very reliable.

Green seems to be one of the harder colors to find. I know of only a handful of others in existence. Of the other colors available; black, brown, and tan seem to be the hardest to come by. Northwestern also made a "bell ringer" version to compete with the Hawkeye. This version is tough to find and you may not even know when you do without looking inside.

This is all original except for the decal. The metal has been buffed but it has a good look anyway.