Abbey Triple

Abbey Mfg. Co. 1948

This is the same as the counter top abbey cash tray but has 3 machines on an aluminum rotating base attached to a stand rather than attached to a tray. This is one machine that seems to be fairly plentiful but not readily available. People seem to like to hold on to them once they get one. This may be because they are a very durable, relatively inexpensive and useable machine that goes great in the corner of a game room for the kids or guests to get a quick sugar fix.
I first saw one of these in the late '80s when I was just starting my collection. I really wanted to buy it then but had all of my money wrapped up in a silly thing called college. Imagine that, college being more important than coin-op. I have wanted one ever since and have had several "rotate" through my collection in the last few years.