Cast Iron Advance Gumball

Advance Machine Co. 1936

This cast iron Advance seems to be a transition machine between the earlier cast iron version with the spout built into the base and the later rolled steel version with the same spout. Of the three versions this one seems to be the hardest to find even though I have been looking for a nice early cast iron version for awhile now. Two styles of globes are commonly found on this type of machine, a small oval as in the picture above or a round. Advance did make another globe for this machine that is pictured in "Silent Salesman Too". It has a round bottom and a cylinder coming out the top. It is very hard to picture with my awful description so for a better idea of what it looks like refer to the book.

This example is all original with part of an original decal. The base is green; I believe that it is original paint because I see no hint of another color underneath. If it isn't original it was done long ago and with great care to stripe the original paint which was rarely done by an operator. The lid was painted black sometime in its life but started out red. The operator that painted the base probably didn't like red with the green so he painted it black. Why not paint it green to match? I have no idea but maybe the green one got damaged and he had a black one lying around (just a theory). At any rate, I am confident that the machine exist now just as it was taken off the route.