Simpson Aristocrat

R. D. Simpson Co. 1935

The Aristocrat is a cast iron Simpson that takes the same mechanism as many other Simpsons. The top is also the same as many others. It has a sloping body that ends in a half octagon base. The style is very appealing. It is most often chrome plated but I have seen some painted examples. The Aristocrat is not a rare machine but I have seen very few for sale in the last few years. The really neat feature of this machine is the chute flap that pulls down. I'm not sure that the concept was a good one but it is really cool.

This particular machine is one that has sentimental value to be because my wife bought it for me back when money was even tighter than it is now. I have had chances to buy nice original examples but have passed because this one means more to me.

This example has original parts, original marquee, reproduction paper, incorrect decal, and has been repainted.