Northwestern art granite match vendor

Northwestern Corp. c. 1920's

The Art Granite is a porcelain covered match vendor. It has the same side-to-side, sliding mechanism that is found on several match machines of the era. Most of the ones you find will be a penny machine but there is also a version that gave two packs of matches for a nickel. The nickel version is much harder to find. I have seen these with stenciled lettering and with decals like the one you see here. I donít know if there is a correlation between the stenciling verses decals and the manufacturing date but there could be.

Most of the ones that I have seen have been in relatively good shape with only minor chipping to the porcelain so if you are looking for one you will probably be able to find one in good shape for a reasonable price. The condition seems to be most varied when it comes to the stenciling or decals.

I have also seen painted versions of this machine. "Silent Salesman Too" does not mention the painted version but it seems to be as common as or even more common than the porcelain version. The painted version may command a slightly lower price but it is minimal if you are comparing two outstanding examples.

The example above is all original and typical of the quality that you will usually find.