Canaan Bantam (Beehive)

Canaan Bantam (Beehive) c.1940

This small machine is very similar to several bar top vendors of the time. It is aluminum and came with a tray option (not pictured) to keep the peanut leftovers off the bar. The beehive has a bit more style than other similar vendors, thus it is more desirable and commands a higher price. They don't seem to come up for sale very often so if you like the style and have the chance, buy one because you may wait quite awhile before you get the chance at another.

This particular example is all original except for the decal. It has however been buffed to a shine at sometime in the recent past giving it a brighter finish than I usually like for my collection. I will keep looking for one with an original patina but until I find one this will have to do.