Cadbury Chocolate Vendor (English)

I don't know the maker of this machine or the vintage but I would guess it was made and used in the '30s and '40s or possibly a little earlier based on the 2 penny price for a chocolate bar. This is listed in "Silent Salesman Too" on page 230 with Wild Woodbines Cigarettes graphics. The book gives no indication of manufacturer or vintage either.

This is a well built, good working machine that vends a fairly large bar of chocolate for two English pennies. When I say well built I really mean over-built. This machine is all steel. Not the usual thin, rolled steel like many machines but real, thick, tough to bend sheet metal. It weighs a ton even for a big machine which made me choose my spot carefully when I went to mount it on the wall.

Just after I bought this machine on ebay I asked myself "why?" Why would I buy a machine that was so obviously lacking in style and pizzazz? Was it simply that it was cheep? Was there some unknown, cosmic reason for my purchase? When the machine arrived in the mail and I pulled it from the box I answered my question. I like it! Yes it is very square and industrial looking but it seems to work for this particular machine (maybe it is the baby poop yellow color).

This is 100% original, the paint is a bit rough but the graphics are still very legible.