Candy Vendor

National Sales Machine Co. Estimate c. 1920's

This candy machine is a mystery. I have not been able to find it in any books or advertising. It was made by the National Sales Machine Co. of St. Louis, Missouri and invented by Benjamin L. Fry. The patent date for the mechanism is May 8, 1928. I imagine that production would have started in the late 20's or early 30's. It is different than other candy machines because the case is made of wood rather than sheet metal and the delivery of the product is unlike any other machine that I have seen. It is a nickel machine that works by pulling a knob after you insert your nickel. Once you pull the knob the door drops down a couple inches to reveal a cubby hole that contained the product.

I bought this machine in the early '90s from the basement of an antique store in Lowell, Michigan (a long way from St. Louis). I paid very little for it but I believe that it is a rare find.