Automatic Canteen Company of America, 1930's/40's

This machine is not in the book and until Dec., 2005 I knew very little about its history. I received a very nice e-mail from a person that had been researching their identical machine. They came across this site: The site has some great information about the company and pictures of this and other machines. I was surprised to find out that the company is still in business.

It has a small stature for a multi-column vendor with a great art deco look. Every one that I have seen has had this maroon color with either yellow or black dribble paint or silver hammertone paint. The knobs are bakelite and are pressed down after you insert your penny.

I had never been very impressed with the machine in pictures and then while I was visiting a friend and fellow collector I saw his in person. At that very moment I knew that I had to have one. For once I got lucky; at the very next Chicago show I happened upon one in the parking lot early in the morning and bought it quickly before anyone else saw it.

This example is all original. It has the black dribble paint, original mirror, decals, and paper.