Canteen Peanut

Automatic Canteen Company of America, 1930's/40's

This machine is not in the book and until Dec., 2005 I knew very little about its history. I received a very nice e-mail from a person that had been researching their gum model of this machine. They came across this site: The site has some great information about the company and pictures of this and other machines. I was surprised to find out that the company is still in business.

This Canteen is the brother to my Canteen gum machine. There are several design differences, the most obvious being that this dispenses peanuts instead of gum. The shape of the case and the paint are the same but the cutouts in the front for the mechanism are arranged differently. The mirror on the gum model is absent on this version. The coin entry is moved to the middle instead of on the upper right and there is one for each of the two columns rather than one for the whole machine. Despite the differences in the two models they are basically the same machine in look and feel, just different product.

Unfortunately this example is missing the entire mechanism. If you know where I can obtain one please e-mail me. I have never seen one of these in person but have heard from other collectors that they are out there but not very prevalent.

Everything that is there on this machine is 100% original including the paper inserts and the nice maroon and yellow squiggle paint.