Super Vendor "Castle Top"

R. D. Simpson Co. 1929

The Super Vendor or "Castle Top" is an extremely hard Simpson to find. I waited a long time to get this one. This cast iron machine has a very similar look to other Simpsons but with a few interesting differences. The major difference is the reason for its nickname Castle Top; the cap has lugs on the top. The mechanism for this machine is very similar and has some interchangeable parts with the "Famous Leebold". Like the "Famous Leebold" it came in several vend combinations such as 1 gumball for a penny, 1-2-3, and a 1 gumball for a nickel.

This particular example is all original with original paint and an almost perfect decal. This is the gumball only model which is a little harder to find than the one with a chute and flap. This is one of my favorite Simpsons.