Craig 999 or Yellow Jacket

Specialty Coin Machine Builders 1934

This machine was attributed to two companies, the Craig Co. and Specialty Coin Machine Builders. It was manufactured by Specialty and used under the name the Yellow Jacket. Specialty privately labeled it to the Craig Co. and they used it under the name the Craig 999. They were the exact same machine, the only difference was the color of the paint. The Craig was either blue or green while the Yellow Jacket was yellow (surprise).

It is a realitively small machine measuring about 12" tall. I really like small machines, they are cute and easy to find room for on a shelf. Unfortunately many other collectors feel the same way which seems to make many of the small machines rather expensive. The Craig or Yellow Jacket is not rare but is very hard to find.

Of the few I've seen all have been repainted. This one has also been repainted and has a new decal. Other than those modifications it is all original and works well.