Derby Vendor

R. D. Simpson Co. 1940

This is one that almost all collectors seem to want. The Derby is an amazing machine. It is not only a gum or peanut machine but a trade stimulator or amusement machine. They came in two styles, a cast iron version and an aluminum version. I believe that the cast iron version was earlier. The cast iron version is a much harder machine to find. The aluminum has an embossed top and the cast iron version has a regular Simpson round top. In my opinion, if you find an aluminum top on a cast iron machine it is wrong. The cast iron version has the same base as a normal Simpson Bulk vendor with a different vend wheel. All of the confirmed original cast iron versions that I have seen have had red paint on the base not plating. The horse mechanisms in the two machines are slightly different. The cast iron version has a magnet built into the hold down ring that stops the horses from spinning and the aluminum version has a flap built on the mechanism that stops the horses. The mechanism in the aluminum version is much harder to adjust and make run smooth than the mechanism in the cast iron version.

I have a special attachment to this particular machine because it was one of the most difficult restoration projects that I have ever done. I bought this on Ebay and when I received it, it was a mess. It had no top, no base plate, and the mechanism was completely frozen. If that wasn't bad enough, every screw and bolt on the machine was rusted solid. The top and base plate were no problem because as a collector of Simpsons I had several of each. The mechanism and screws were a different story. I worked and soaked and worked and soaked for two weeks and finally got everything loose and working again. To my amazement, every part cleaned up nicely and it turned out to be a stunning original example.

This machine is all original with an ancient repaint on the base and a perfect original decal.