Double Neko

Neko c. 1930s

The Nekos is a surprisingly heavy cast iron and sheet metal machine with a small footprint. It stands just 11" high. The single Neko is fairly easy to find but the doubles seem to be very difficult to come by. The Neko is one of the few machines that work with a pull chain mechanism. It is a very unique idea that seems to work well when adjusted properly.

The double Neko is simply two single Nekos sitting side-by-side on a double base plate with a special lid. I have often wondered why the lid is designed like it is. It is a completely different style than the single lid and has no qualities of the base plate or style of the rest of the machine. It almost seems out of place on the machine. Every double that I have seen has had this lid so it is correct. I have heard of a double lid that is shaped like the single lid but have not seen one in person.

This particular machine has unusual coin entries. Normal entries for Nekos are flat on the face, these coin entries come out toward the buyer. The coin entries are correct according to the pictures in "Silent Salesman Too". I think that these coin entries bring an added flare to the machine.

This example is all original with a little paint loss and rust around the bottom. It works well and still has a great look.