Duplex Model K Stamp Machine

Duplex Model K Stamp Machine - Midland Supply Company Pat. 1912

This is a rare stamp machine with a clockwork mechanism. The energy for the clockwork comes from pushing the plunger on top after inserting a nickel rather than from a wound spring like many other clockwork vendors. I have talked to several other collectors and as close as I can figure there are only a handful of examples known. The case is made of wood, mahogany I believe, and the mechanism is cast iron and steel. When the plunger is pushed little fingers move stamps forward from a roll and a sharp piece of metal cuts the stamps so they can fall down the chute.

I got this machine from a guy in Washington State. He wasn't a coinop collector, just a guy with a good understanding of the value and history in all antiques. I found his post on a message board about the machine; he was looking for information and/or value of the piece. I contacted him and he sent me some pictures. When I got the pictures I found that the machine was in pretty rough shape but there were definite possibilities for restoration. We talked over e-mail and on the phone until we reached an agreement on price.

As soon as I got the machine in the mail I stated restoring it. I was able to save all of the original wood even though it was severely warped but I had to refinish it. I also had to clean the mechanism to make it work smoothly. The only missing parts were the side doors with glass in them. I have since made replicas from pictures and measurements of one of the other surviving machines to complete the restoration. All in all, I think this turned out to be a nice example of a very rare stamp machine.