EHL 4 in 1

Penny King System c. 1935

The 4 in 1 has to be one of my all time favorite machines. It is just screaming with character and individuality. My wife has taken to calling it the space ship because it is reminiscent of a lunar landing module. I bought this machine shortly after I started collecting and It has been with me ever since. I look at it today with the same amazement that I did when I bought it. How could someone dream up something so weird looking just to sell peanuts?

While this machine has a lot going for it in the style and charisma department, it lacks a little in the mechanics department. I have had several of these over the years and almost every one had some kind of problem. On about half of them that I have seen the globe has been cracked or broken. The four sides of the machine are held together on the inside by a system of rings and rods, many of the rings have been broken off which makes it nearly impossible to hold the machine together. The inside is made of what I believe to be pot metal and breaks easily. Many of the mechanisms that I have seen have been frozen solid. So, with all of these mechanical problems, if you find a nice one buy it and hold on to it because it may take a while to find another working machine.

This one is 100% original with virtually none of the mechanical problems stated above.