U. G. Grandbois

U. G. Grandbois Co. c. 1920's

The Grandbois is a machine made in Michigan. It came in cast iron or cast aluminum with U. G. Grandbois embossed on the bottom. They came with a tall or a short globe. The hardest thing to find on one of these machines is an original decal. I have seen tons of these but only a few with decals. Many have had paper advertisements for charities in them. This is one machine that is somewhat top heavy and may have had a hard life sitting on a bar or counter.

The one one the left is a repainted aluminum example with all original parts.

The version on the right has the much harder to find slide coin entry and is cast iron. I am not sure why they made these with the coin slide. The slide does not seem to have any added function over the flush coin entry because you still have to pull the lever to make the machine vend. I originally thought that it may have some slug rejection function but on closer inspection of the mechanism I found this to be false. The only idea I have is that it feeds the penny much smoother than placing it in by hand.