Kayem Beech-Nut

Kayem Products Co., Inc. 1947

This two column vendor has some of the neatest graphics of any machine. The machine itself is a simple metal box that is unappealing until you add the great decal. Two types of this machine exist, one advertising Beech-nut and one advertising Wrigley's. It has been my experience that the Wrigley's version is much easier to find. They are exactly the same except for the name of the gum. "Silent Salesman Too" alludes to a stick gum model that vends on a penny but I have yet to see that version. Every version that I have encountered has been a 5 cent pack gum vendor.

This is not a rare machine but it does seem to be difficult to find in good condition. Most have significant scratching to the decal and that being the major attraction to this machine those with a lot of scratching are fairly undesirable to most collectors. Prices will vary greatly depending on condition but I would recommend paying a little more for one with few scratches rather than paying a bargain price for one with half the decal gone, it will make a much more stunning display.

The example above is one of the nicest all originals that I have seen. It has very few nicks or scratches on the decal and the original paint on the case is almost flawless. This is the only one that I have seen with countertop mounting brackets. I don't believe that the company offered these as an option but you never know. A more likely scenario was that the owner found or made some brackets that worked because he wanted it on the counter rather than the wall. In any case the brackets came with the machine and I thought they were a novel idea so I left them on.