Lee Co. 1930

The Lee is not a rare machine but it is very hard to find. I think that I have only seen about 4 for sale in 10+ years. I believe that it is an undervalued and underappreciated machine. It has great style and a very unique design. There are a couple of variations, both are all aluminum and can be seen in "Silent Salesman Too". Both versions are correct with a smooth or an embossed globe. The embossed globe is one of the nicest looking globes I've seen and adds a lot of value to the machine. I am looking for one to swap onto the machine above if you happen to have one for sale.

The most interesting thing about the Lee is the way the mechanism works. You lay a penny in the hole and pull the handle. As you move the handle around to the front the penny is automatically pulled in and drops into the base. This is the only machine I can think of that works this way.

The machine you see above is one of the few Lees I've seen with good original paint. Most I've seen have had very rough paint or have been completely repainted. When I bought this machine it looked great but the mechanism was frozen solid. I knew this going in but decided to take a chance on it anyway because the price was reasonable. It took me over a week of soaking and loosening to free it up but it was well worth the effort. It is now a stellar, working, original example.