The Leebold

R. D. Simpson Co. 1917

The Leebold is one of the most ornate vendors ever made. It is highly coveted and highly priced. It is not rare but is extremely difficult to find and is rarely for sale. I have been waiting for one of these for many years because my collection used to center around machines made by R. D. Simpson.

There are a few models of this machine described in "Silent Salesman Too". They are described in length so I won't repeat it here. I will just say that this is the C. E. Leebold model from San Fransisco and that most are found without decals and the decal above is the only one like it I have seen.

This particular machine came to me by way of my website. A couple from Wyoming had bought this at a local auction and wanted to find out more information about it. They found their way to my website and e-mailed me a couple of pictures. I told them what it was and asked if they were interested in selling. They were so I made them an offer and they accepted, so it now has a happy home in my collection and will stay there for many years. I had to sell a few machines to raise the money for it but it was well worth it.

It is an all original with an original decal and a great patena.