Little Nut

Little Nut Vendor Co. 1934

In "Silent Salesman Too" you will see several variations of the little nut. This one is a little different though because it has a tray. At first I thought that the tray was just an add-on by a collector when the machine was restored. After further investigation I found the tray to be riveted on and that the rivets look to have the same wear and age and the rest of the tray and inside of the base. This leads me to believe that the tray has been with the machine since its use as a countertop vendor. This doesn't mean that it came from the factory like this but it does mean that a route man probably added the tray not a collector.

This and other versions of the Little Nut are very cute small machines and have a similar look to many other little machines. This machine holds a special significance to me because it was made in Michigan and so was I (at least I think, I can't remember back quite that far).

The parts on this machine are all original but it has been restored with a bright buffing, paint on the tray and a new decal. This is one of my few restored machines.