Little Nut Type C

Little Nut Vendor Co. 1930s

This Little Nut Type C is one of two models. This is the all cast iron version while the other model is aluminum. The aluminum version does not have the cut out beneath the chute. If you find one in aluminum that has the cut out it is most likely a fake unless there happens to be a previously undiscovered variation out there. I have heard that there was a small cache of these cast iron ones found several years ago with missing parts. The person that found them recast the missing parts to make them complete and sold them off. Beware of any type C with a mixture of cast iron and aluminum. The only parts on the cast iron version that should be aluminum are the mid section pieces (coin entry and mechanism parts); the top, hold down, base and base plate should all be iron. The type C is one of only two Little Nut Vendor Co. models made of cast iron (the other being the nut house), all of the others were aluminum. The odd thing though is that many of the aluminum models came with cast iron lids. I can think of no design reason for this so it seems to be a mystery.

I've always loved all the little nut models because they are so cute and small. All of Little Nut Vendor Co.'s machines were under 12" tall which I imagine sparked the name "Little" Nut. The squished "doughnut" shaped globe is a great feature and adds much of the appeal to the machine. I would love to have a full collection of all of the little nut models so if you happen to have any that you would like to sell please email me.

The machine you see above is one of only two complete, all original, cast iron type Cs that I have had the pleasure of seeing live. I know there are others out there but I would guess that there aren't many, making this a very tough machine to find. It is a great, working example. It has either original paint or a very old repaint. I can just make out the faintest hint that there may have been red under the orange. Either way it looks to have been untouched since it was removed from the route years ago (just like I like them).