Metcraft Corp. c. 1930

This machine could easily be mistaken for an Asco. It is almost identical except for what I consider to be a couple of major differences. First, the Metcraft is a cast iron machine while the Asco is aluminum; second, the Metcraft globe is round instead of octagon like the Asco. Those two differences along with the fact that the Metcraft is 10-15 years older, makes this a much more desirable machine in my eyes.

The Metcraft came with or without the electric heater inside and light on the lid. This version is without the heater and light.

This particular machine was an ebay purchase. It interested me not only because you don't see it as often as the Asco but it also came with its original shipping box and packing slip (picture #2). The box was pretty tattered and torn but the labels were intact and in very good shape. I plan to make a nice grouping by framing the labels and displaying them above the machine.

This is 100% original with an almost perfect decal.