Midget cigarette machine

Midget Cigarette Vendor; American Merchandise Corp. 1920's

I don't generally collect cigarette machines, in fact this is the only one that I own, but this one is just so cute. It stands about 12" high and is only 2" thick. It vends one cigarette for a penny; not one pack but one cigarette. It has two columns so you could vend two different types. It is made of cast aluminum with a steel mechanism.

I have only seen three of these and all three were different colors (black, tan, green). This is the only one that I have seen with a base to mount it on a counter, the others were strictly wall mount machines. The others had mirrors in the top section and I believe that this one is supposed to as well.

There are two versions of this machine described in "Silent Salesman Too". One made by American Merchandise Corp. and the other by Midget Vendors Co. They are identical in every aspect except for the coin entry and even that difference is very minor. I would guess that one company is the successor to the other but I have no proof of that and couldn't tell you which would have been first.

These are not rare but seem to be very scarce. The example above is 100% original but missing the mirror and a lock.