Millard Gumball

Millard Vending 1916

This is one version of a Millard. For a company that didn't seem to be around very long there are a lot of different variations of these machines. They made machines to sell nuts, breath pellets, and gumballs and each of these had several variations. Most models were cheaply constructed out of tin but there were also models made from cast iron, pot metal, and even wood. The most unique thing about the Millard machines was the mechanism with the coin entry in the top. The mechanism is extremely simple, consisting of only a vend wheel, tube, and knob. You simply drop a coin in the top, it travels down the tube, sits in a slit on the wheel and when you turn the knob it uses the penny to turn the wheel. It is one of the simplest mechanisms I can think of.

These machines are fairly hard-to-find but they are out there. The price seemed to almost double on these in the early 2000's. I believe this is due to their small stature. Small machines seem to be in vogue with many collectors.

The model pictured above is not pictured in "Silent Salesman Too" but is almost identical to one with the exception of the catch at the end of the spout. It is made of tin and is all original except for the globe.