National Sales Machine Vendor

National Sales Machine Co. c.1930's

This is a two column vendor that I know very little about. Don't go to the book to look this one up because it's not there. I do know that it was made by the National Sales Machine Co. and dates somewhere around 1929. I derived the manufacture date from a patent date on the internal mechinism.

The machine is a bit of a puzzle. I have never seen another so I assume there weren't many made. I would think that if there were a lot made they would have survived well because it is a very solid machine. I also can't figure out what it vended. The columns are square so it had to vend something packaged. One collector said that it may have vended boxed candy or peanuts while another thought it may have been non-filtered cigarettes. Whatever it vended t had to be worth a dime in the 30's.

I haven't collected column or "L" vendors up to this point but I just had to have this one. I have a candy machine that I boutght several years ago and have been looking for information about it and when I saw this machine for sale I looked inside at the mechanism and was shocked to see the same innereds as my candy machine. Finally I know the manufacturer of my candy machine!

This is 100% original with the possible exception of the paint on the columns inside.