Northwestern 31 Merchandiser

Northwestern Corp. 1931

The Northwestern 31 is a fairly substantial machine in size and weight. It is a cast iron machine with a square base and round top. The thing that sets it apart from other bulk vendors is the knob on the front that you turn to get your product. There are some machines with knobs on the side that you turn but not many that I can think of with knobs in the front. These came with or without a slug rejector and the placement of the knob was dependent on whether you had a slug rejector or not. They came in a variety of colors and many colors were mixed and matched to suit the owner.

I really like the look of this machine. I think the style works well. Even though the globe is rather large it seems to be balanced by the large square base. Many machines with large globes seem to look top heavy but not this one. Also, many square machines don't look right with rounded globes or round tops but this one seems to pull it off nicely.

I have come across many of these machines that have completely frozen mechanisms. I have heard from others that due to the pot metal mechanism these were prone to corrosion from the salt in the peanuts. So if you are looking to buy one make sure it works properly before you spend your hard earned cash.

This is an exceptional, all original example with a great original decal.