Schermack Triple Stamp Vendor

Schermack Products Corp. 1930's

This is one of many models of stamp machine made by Schermack. Many of their models are unlike other stamp machines because they sell stamps right from the roll rather than in small cardboard or paper folders. This presented a problem when making a vending machine because allowing the customer to tear their own stamps off of the vended portion of the roll could lead to jamming or half torn stamps. Schermack solved this problem by inventing a cutting mechanism that would automatically cut the vended stamps from the roll for the customer.

If the duplex is the big brother to the single unit this is its Grandpa. This particular model is not mentioned in "Silent Salesman Too" but is exactly the same as the duplex it just has one more section. This uses the same mechanism or in this case mechanismS as most of Schermack's machines, I guess when you get something right you stick with it. You don't see these triple units very often, maybe they weren't a good seller. I know that you would have to be pretty strong to lug one of these around if you were a routeman. I haven't weighed it but I bet it tips the scales at over 40 pounds.

This machine is all original and in excellent condition with the exception of one missing handle.