Selmor Plated

Great States Mfg. Co. 1938

This is the heaviest gumball machine that I own. "Silent Salesman Too" says that the shipping weight in their ads was 22 pounds. I could use it for a workout. The Selmor came in a few different models and was either painted or chromed. It came with either a large cylindrical globe or a smaller more stylish one. If you had the large one you needed the large lid and if you had the small one you needed the small lid (makes sense).

I have been really enamored with the Selmor. Something about the style just "does it" for me. This particular Selmor is a bit of an oddity. This is the only one that I have seen that is plated even though that was an option from the company. And this one has a top that was not supposed to be available on this model. The top is the top that sold with the Berkshire. Normally I would think that a collector just found a top that fit to complete the machine but this isn't the case. The plating is worn on the machine and is consistant with the wear on the lid. The patina of the plating also matches perfectly. So does this mean that the company sold them with this combination as well or was it a special order or did a store owner or route man make the switch years ago because he had two broken machines lying around that he put back into service? I guess we will never know.