Silver King Deluxe

Automat Games 1938

The Silver King came in a few different models throughout its life but all of the models look very similar. All of the models were constructed well and had very reliable mechanisms. The earlier models were made of cast iron and came with either paint or porcelain. The later models were constructed out of aluminum and were painted only.

This is an early model with green porcelain. I have had this machine since the late '80s. This was one of my first machines. My parents live near a large Amish community in northern Indiana and one day while my wife and I were visiting we went to a town called Shipshewana. The town is packed full of Amish craft stores and restaurants. I was just thrilled to spend the day walking trough craft shops (sarcasm). When I came across a shop that said antiques down stairs I thought maybe the day wouldn't be a total loss. As we wandered in my wife and mother started through the upstairs craft portion of the shop and I headed straight downstairs. I browsed the general antiques for a couple of isles and then I saw it. It was the only coin-op piece in the place and probably in the whole town. I picked it up to inspect it and noted that it was all original and had no chips in the porcelain. At this early stage in my collecting career I didn't have much knowledge or experience. I had not seen one of these before but was stricken with the beauty of the flawless porcelain. I checked the price and was glad to see that it was within my meager budget. I grabbed it and took it up the stairs to pay (I even got 10% off for paying cash!). The purchase was the highlight of my day. Every time I look at the machine I am still smitten with the look of the porcelain.

This is a 100% original machine with perfect porcelain and an original decal. I have seen a couple of other porcelain colors but this green is my favorite.