Skinny Zeno

Zeno Mfg. Co. c. 1900's

The wood Zeno came in several different styles throughout its history. All had a clockwork mechanism and the Zeno name somewhere on the wood case. Some of the differences are in the position of the coin entry, the presence or absence of a coin return, the shape of the plaque opening, the material that the plaque was made of, or the presence or absence of embossing on the side panels. All of the models are very striking machines. These machines even appeal to the general antique collector, especially if they enjoy great oak furniture.

This example is one that is not described in "Silent Salesman Too." It is an early version with a low coin entry and no embossing on the sides. What makes this different is that it is about 2" skinnier than the normal Zeno. It is also made of thinner oak than normal. I have heard that there are more of these but I have never knowingly seen one. However, I didn't know that they existed before a year ago so I may have seen them but not noticed the difference in size.

This is 100% original with a great weathered look to the finish. It is missing the back door.