Slidetop Master

Norris Mfg. Co. 1924

This is one of two Master machines that I own. Masters came in a variety of variations over the course of their life. These include but are not limited to: star doors, goosenecks or non-goosenecks, penny only, penny-nickel, nickel only, custom flaps, side windows or no side windows, different style coin doors, slide top or center lock tops, porcelain covered or non-porcelain, and a wide variety of colors and combinations. With all of these variables I could see how someone could collect just Master machines and have quite a large collection.

The story of how I acquired this machine is somewhat interesting. I sell at a general antiques show with my father in Centerville, Michigan once a month in the summer. We go to set up our booth on Saturday and the show opens to the public on Sunday morning. I always walk around on Saturday while people are setting up hoping to find a great coin-op piece before the public comes the next day. For the last few years it has been tough to find anything let alone anything at a good price. One particular Saturday I was driving in to set up and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Master sitting on a table. I was excited just to see a piece of coin-op so I stopped the truck in the middle of the isle and didn't even take the time to turn it off. I walked up to the table and saw this machine sitting there completely taken apart with all of the parts stuffed inside the cabinet. I asked the seller how much he wanted for it and he said $75. My jaw dropped in amazement. The machine looked rough and I didn't even know if all of the parts were there but for that price I couldn't get my money out fast enough. I paid him and stood and talked for a minute as he proceeded to tell me that he had just found it at a garage sale on his way to the show and only had to give $10 for it. So I think that he was happy to make $65 on a quick sale and I was overjoyed at getting a cheap buy. I got back in the truck which was still running and drove to my booth. I started to unpack and set up but my mind was still on the Master that was still sitting in the front seat. Were all of the parts there? Was anything broken? I couldn't stand it any longer and had to stop setting up and go play with my new purchase. I started pulling pieces out of the cabinet and putting the machine together. I found that all of the pieces were there with the exception of the front lock and that the turn handle was broken (no big deal, I have since gotten a replacement). I was ecstatic to find that it was an early slide top with a filigree coin door and the paper instructions still attached under the lid. I didnít sell much that Sunday but the weekend was a huge success.

This is 100% original with a penny only gooseneck, slide top, filigree coin door, original instructions, and a cam lock in the mechanism.