Southalls Sanitary Towels

Locherbie & Wilkinson Ltd., Southalls, Birmingham Est. early 1900's

This is an English machine that I believe was made in the early 1900ís. It vended sanitary towels for 2 large pennies. It is a very straight forward one column vendor with dovetail joints and a single beading detail down each side of the front door. There are two signs on the front and a tag on the bottom of each side. The tags on the side look to be celluloid and the signs on the front seem to be a similar material only thicker.

The mechanism vends in a tray like most early 1900ís English vendors that I have seen but differs in the placement of the coin entry. The two English pennies are inserted toward the back of the drawer handle before the drawer could be pulled out. Once the drawer has been pulled out the pennies dropped into the bottom of the machine, you could remove the product and push the drawer back in the reload it for the next customer. There is a weight that sits on top of the product to help with the gravity feed and to prevent vending when the machine was empty.

This is 100% original and still has paper instructions glued to the inside of the door.