Hance Standard Rex

Hance Mfg. Co. 1908-1930

The Standard Rex is a bulk vendor that has a great look. I like the clean simple design. It's not a flashy machine but it has a great presence at 18" tall. It was part of Hance's white base line. These are found in all cast iron or with a cast iron base and aluminum mechanism and top. I have even heard that there are all cast iron versions without the porcelain on the base but have never seen one in person. I believe the aluminum to be later than the all iron versions. There are also other variations that have metal tags that say "hold hand here" above the tray and/or a tag on top of the mechanism. This machine also came in a hot nut version which is much harder to find.

These are not rare but not easy to find for sale. Collectors seem to hold on to them when they find a good example. A large number of these that are found seem to be missing the back door for some reason, if you are going to buy one look closely because the doors have been reproduced. The price of this machine took a huge jump a while back but has since leveled out and even went back down a little.

There is no special story behind this machine. It was simply part of a trade that I made with another collector. I had been looking for one for a long time but had been put off buy the big rise in price shortly after I started looking. I ended up waiting until the price leveled off and consequently saved myself quite a bit of money.

This one is all original except for the decal.