Tastee Mints Vendor

Unknown maker, possibly 1940's vintage.

This is a unique machine that is a mystery to me and all of the other collectors that I have talked to. I do not remember seeing one in the 12+ years that I have been collecting coin-op. It has no markings to give an idea of the manufacturer. It was an ebay purchase that came from an antique dealer in southern California who in turn got it by buying several machines from a local routeman's estate.

By the denomination, style, and plastic tubes I estimate the vintage to be 1940's. It has a cast aluminum front tray and lid with a cast iron base that is faux painted like a stone composite.

I don't know if the paint on the base is original but it is done very well and looks to be the only paint that has ever been on the machine. Other than that it seems to be 100% original and works great. A very neat machine that looks like no other I've seen. If you have ever seen another one of these or know anything about it please e-mail me.