Advance Unit B match machine

Advance Machine Co. 1916

Before I talk about these particular machines here's a little about Advance wall machines. It is pretty easy to find the unit E and unit C vendors but much harder to find unit A vendors and really difficult to find unit B vendors which are what you see here. The unit A and B are the same machine except the unit B takes a penny instead of a nickel and vends matches instead of gum or candy. They both have the #4 mechanism and vend the product above the mechanism instead of below.

The unit B match machine on the left is in rough shape, it is missing a couple of screws, the paint is chipping, it has no back, and it is missing a lock. I bought this mainly as a project and for the fact that it is really tough to find unit Bs. When I saw a picture of this machine I thought the turn handle was homemade but after I got it I found that it wasn't. I assumed that an operator had the regular handle break and put on whatever handle he had lying around that fit. I later changed my thinking when I found another with the same handle. This must have been a factory option or a particular route man that switched the handles on all of his machines because he liked it better or thought it was more functional. Another incorrect assumption that I made when looking at the picture was that this machine was black; in fact it is green but the green is so dark that even in person it is hard to tell from some angles.

The unit B on the right is mechanically the same as the one on the left but is complete. It is the same color but has decals instead of stenciling. I do not know if one is earlier or if they are from the same time period. If one is earlier I would guess that it would be the stenciled one.

Both machines are 100% original and in good working order. The one on the right even has the paper instructions glued to the inside of the back door.