Universal 1-2-3 countertop version

Universal Sales Machines Co. 1925

There are two styles of cabinet machines that Universal made. One is strictly a wall machine and the other pictured above is a countertop machine and is the earlier of the two. I believe that the wall version is all sheet metal while the countertop version is all aluminum with the exception of the sides and back. Most of Universal's machines use the same mechanism and come in 1-2-3, 2 balls for a penny, or 1 ball for a penny versions.

Neither version is listed as rare but I have seen many more wall versions than I have countertop machines. In fact this is the only countertop version that I have seen besides the one pictured in "Silent Salesman Too". I believe that there are more out there but I just haven't seen them.

The version pictured above is 100% original with what looks like an ancient repaint on the body. The paint has "alligatored" which gives it a really great look. This is a 1-2-3 version that has been modified with wooden plugs so that it only vended 1 gumball for a penny (higher profit margin!).