Universal Chu-Moar

Universal Sales Machine Co. 1926

Universal made 4 or 5 styles of machines in there existence. All of the models use the same mechanism, even their globe machines. This is one of their later models. It is strictly a wall mount vendor that either has the cup facing up like the one pictured or down. All that I have seen with original paint are green. They are not common but if you want one you will probably be able to obtain one.

This particular example is the only one that I have seen embossed with the Chu-Moar name and matching original decal. It is known that Universal private-labeled machines for other companies but I have never seen this model with a name other than Universal. I always liked this machine and felt it was under appreciated by other collectors. It seems that you have to see one in person to really fall in love with it because you donít seem to see collectors selling them once they have one.

The one above is a beautiful original. It is missing its back door though so if you happen to have one please contact me. I would really like a back so that I can mount it on the wall.