Hospital Specialty Co. 1927

There is not much to tell about this vendor. It vended sanitary napkins for either 5 or 10c. The top portion is porcelain over sheet metal and the mech. and top is made of a cast alloy. It has a simple mech. that works well. There were two models of which the one above is the plainer. The other model is exactly the same with more graphics.

These seem to be pretty tough to find. I have only seen a few and only this one for sale. They aren't particularly valuable but aren't cheap either. Not surprisingly, this is not one of my wife's favorites so she won't let me hang it around the house but she will give in sooner or later.

This one is an all original. It has some damage to the top and a 10c mech. with 5c graphics on the side. The mech. was probably changed by the vendor when the price of the product went up.