Welcome to my Flock's Brewery page.

This page is dedicated to my collection of Flock's Brewery memorabilia. I am not an expert in breweriana so you will see very little explanation of the pieces you will simply see pictures of some of the items in my collection.

In 2005 I started a collection of Flock's Brewery items. My great, great, great grandfather Henry Jacob Flock came to America from Prussia, Germany in the mid 1800's and moved to Williamsport, PA where he bought the city brewery. The brewery stayed in our family until the 1940's. The brewery closed in the early 1950's when the land was sold to Lycoming college. I am trying to recapture some of the memorabilia from the family brewery.

I hope you enjoy browsing my collection. I am always looking for more advertising, bottles, or paperwork from Flock's Brewery so please e-mail me if you have something that you think I may be interested in.

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Other advertising

Blue Blobtop embossed
Brown Blobtop w/embossed bottom
Brown crown w/embossed bottom
Brown crowntop w/wire top and embossed bottom
Clear small bottle w/embossed shoulder
Clear blobtop w/embossed front and wire top
Brown crowntop w/label
Short bottle w/Lager label
Short bottle w/standard label
Clear Crowntop w/Woodmello label
Blue retractable opener
Standard flat steel opener
Standard flat opener w/round end
Key type opener
Large over-the-top opener
Small over-the-top opener
Wire type opener
Oval coaster
Pale lager coaster
Square coaster
Small Oval coaster
Round World coaster
Woodmello Coaster
Newspaper article highlighting the Flock's brewery
Ice pick. The bewery sold ice as well
Letterhead #1
Letterhead #2
Plastic advertising piece-possibly pencil rest
Reusable Bingo card
Matchbook covers
Top from a tap handle